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1st Grade Career Fair

Example Units


Who I Am.  This unit is inspired by the theme Who We Are

Central Idea

Every day I can learn about who I am, what I can do and my responsibilities as a child.

Lines of Inquiry:

  • Who I am
  • My responsibility as a child
  • What I can do now


People Choose Occupations Based on Their Interests and Talents.  This unit is a part of the Transdisciplinary Theme, How We Organize Ourselves



Living Things

Central Idea: Living things use resources from the environment in order to live and grow. 

Lines Of Inquiry:

  • An inquiry into living things
  • An inquiry into habitats of living things
  • An inquiry into how living things use resources to live and grow.


Community Treasures. Inspiration from the theme, How we Organize Ourselves

Central Idea:

Community treasures reflect the past and present needs and values of a population.

Lines of Inquiry: 

  • An inquiry into essential parts of a community
  • An inquiry into the needs and values of a population (critical needs of a population) (population vs community…thrive vs. survive)      
  • An inquiry into a community’s past as seen through its treasures



How We Organize Ourselves

An inquiry into the interconnectedness of human made systems and communities; the structure and function of organizations; societal decision making; economic activities and there impact on human kind and the environment.

The Central Idea is:

Curiosity makes people pursue answers to questions, which can lead to discovery and innovation








































Collaboration.  It is inspired from the Theme, How we Organize Ourselves.

The Central Idea is:  Organizational systems use collaboration to solve problems and work towards a common goal.

The Lines of Inquiry are: 

  • effective group conversations and discussions
  • leadership and the role of setting team objectives/goals
  • how to collaborate effectively while using the action cycle